The highest level of digital security for your children.

Teaching them to grow with autonomy, health, safety, responsibility and respect. This is our wish; this is our mission as parents.


We guide and monitor our children to ensure they are protected from  threats, whether in the physical world or online. However, given the world we’re living in this sometimes just simply isn’t enough.

The truth is that when children and young people are online, risks always exist. A friend unwittingly sends a harmful link, a photo exposes the young person on social media, a YouTube video serves inappropriate information, an adult posing as a child participates in an online game, an illegal action steals private data. After all, we have information and preventive measures, but we can never ignore the possibility that criminals may find a loophole to act.

All these scenarios put confidential information, personal data, and even the physical and mental integrity of our children at risk.

For this reason, children and adolescents need to be prepared!

They need to have information

They need to know how to prevent themselves

They need to know how to act in the event of an actual threat

DGwise • Designed for the safety of our children

Through the school, DGwise supports families and prepares children and adolescents to be responsible and conscious digital citizens.

With the concept of the I.P.A Security Tripod (Information, Prevention and Action), your child’s school will work on security content in a playful, dynamic, and effective way symbolised through a symbolic element, which is the I.P.A Shield.

Custom Social Network

Bhapi • Finally, a truly secure social network

When your child’s school participates in the DGwise program, it also offers the school community a closed and secure social network, where educators, coordinators, and students create their profiles and interact.

Here, videos, photos, events, in short, different posts for interaction can be shared. The app also includes educational features and tools to help students learn about digital citizenship, online security, and responsible use of social media.

Parents also have their network profile and can share and interact. Additionally, as toxic or inappropriate content is not allowed, Bhapi has special filters, creating a safe and healthy environment

Overview of the DGwise Program

How it works

Do you want to bring DGwise to your children’s school?

All the benefits of having a comprehensive digital education program reach families through schools. Refer your children’s school.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

DGwise has cybersecurity intelligence that provides tools and filters for the content accessed by children and young people. In addition, there are tools for parental control and pertinent and relevant content to help parents and guardians teach their children about digital citizenship.

Family participation in the program is facilitated by schools. This format helps you get the most out of DGwise because your children’s friends and peers are learning about digital security and citizenship in the school setting. The more your children are surrounded by people aware of digital security, the more protected they will be. 

DGwise is an ideal partner for schools and families, helping to keep children and teenagers protected amidst the challenges presented by the internet today. Our cybersecurity education program provides tools for everyone involved – schools, teachers, students, and families – to become digitally conscious citizens aware of the risks, threats, and how to respond to everything available in the digital world.

From the moment your child’s school participates in DGwise, children, families, and the school community will have a closed and protected social network, Bhapi. In addition, families will have access to the Safe Store. An online store (also known as a marketplace) where families can purchase truly safe and secure tools, apps, and games. Our Safe Store is divided into 3 categories of products:

(1) Safe Family Store – for parents and guardians;

(2) Safe Game Store – games for children of different ages and

(3) Safe Fun Store – entertainment and activities also for children of different ages. There is also plenty of content, such as informative articles on our site and e-books, among others, that will help parents and guardians guide their children on cybersecurity.


Fill out our child’s school referral form so that our team can contact you and explain in detail the entire program. Access the form here.