Peace of mind in having children and young people who know how to protect themselves.


What does the DGwise program consist of?

Within the vast online universe, the way to truly protect our children and adolescents is by hepling them become responsible and conscious digital citizens. Therefore, DGwise has created a distinctive program that reaches students and their families through schools, with highly intelligent and effective resources.


Content Platform

The DGwise program offers a range of videos, activities, games, tools, and resources for the school to teach on digital security and citizenship to students.

Your team of educators will have access to lesson plans, educational materials, among other resources necessary to teach about the risks and how children and youth can protect themselves from online predators, scams, inappropriate content and more.

All of this is presented in accessible language and with this content that is very easy to teach and learn, and can be easily put into practice according to each age group.

Custom Page for Your School

DGwise also offers a personalized web page to be included on your school’s website. This page allows your school to share with educators, students, and families what the program offers, as well as position itself as a distinctive institution committed to the digital security of the community.

Content about the importance of cybersecurity

Login for the platform

Link to Safe Store – an app store for tools, games, and entertainment.

Custom Social Network

Bhapi • A social network for your school community

In addition to the platform and personalized page, an exclusive social media app is provided  which has been designed specifically for your school. Here students can communicate and collaborate with their peers, teachers, and parents in a safe and secure environment, ensuring that their information and personal data is kept confidential.

Within Bhapi videos, photos, events, and various posts can be shared for interaction. The app also includes educational features and tools to help students learn about digital citizenship, online security, and responsible use of social media.

Bhapi has special filters to ensure that toxic or inappropriate content is excluded.

Safe Store • A truly secure comprehensive app store

DGwise also provides you with a store that offers different categories of products:

Safe Family Store
For parents
Safe Game Store
Safe Fun Store

All products are free of harmful content so that each family can choose the tools that are most interesting and aligned with their profile.

Overview of the DGwise Program

See how the interaction and provision of DGwise services work:


Teachers and principals will receive access to the program through the DGwise platform.


Within the platform, teachers will have access to exclusive content such as lesson plans, classroom videos for students, video lectures, etc.


The DGwise team can customize a webpage for your school’s website to help promote the program within the school community.


The school invites parents to participate in the program.


Parents will receive login credentials and access to join the program, where they will also have access to personalized content.


Parents will have access to the Safe Store within the DGwise platform, where they can find, in addition to content, applications, and other resources that can help in daily life, for parental control, content protection, and device protection.

Overview of the DGwise Program

See how the interaction and provision of DGwise services work:


The school defines the classes that will participate

• Teachers receive access to the platform with content to work with students

• Parents receive access to participate


Custom web page for your school’s website

• With program explanations

• With a login area for platform access

• With a login area for Safe Store access


Your school’s Bhapi

• Profiles of educators, parents, and students

• Promotion of school life

• Interaction posts

• Content about security


Safe store

• Access to the Safe Store for the acquisition of games, tools, and apps


Direct channel with DGwise

• Contact with our expert security team

• Technical support

Your school as a multiplier of a healthy and safe digital environment

Equipping and empowering parents, students, and teachers with digital security resources, educational materials, and guidance.

Accessing the latest materials and practical guidance from world-class cyber experts.

Expressing and being a reference of your dedication to the well-being and security of your school community.

Being part of the solution with effective actions for the education and protection of children and adolescents in the digital environment.

Promoting and assessing parental involvement in the use of the DGwise platform and community.

Making your school a focal point for teaching digital citizenship and security.

Meet our partners:

Companies committed to offering secure tools, reliable applications, and content aligned with our criteria and values.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Because it is Schools that participate together with families in the education of children and young people. Through the interactions that take place in the classrooms  schools can enhance the education that truly protects students from increasingly larger and closer cybercrimes and contribute to effective digital citizenship with in the entire school community.

DGwise offers an exclusive platform, in an environment where your team of educators will have access to lesson plans, educational material, among other necessary resources to teach about risks and how children and young people can protect themselves from online predators, scams, inappropriate content, among other threats. These materials are suitable for different age groups and offer content to be developed with the students.

DGwise can adapt to your needs, whether it is implementing the program for the entire school or if you prefer to work on content with specific classes.

Yes, DGwise offers a personalised web page to be included on your school’s website. This page allows your school to share with educators, students and families  what the program offers. It also acts as a point of differentiation as an institution committed to the digital security of the community.

DGwise will assist with content, e-books, and promotional material (posters, posters, etc.). In addition, it offers Bhapi, a social network app designed especially as a closed network for your school community, and Safe Store, a store of products with apps, games, and tools validated by our team that help families in the digital security of their children.

Contact DGwise through the form so that our team can contact you and explain in detail the entire program. Access the form here